How to Choose the Right Hockey Stick

Sometimes we often find it difficult when choosing a new stick. There’s so many to choose from it can be a minefield. So, we thought we’d take the sting out of it a little and provide you with a few helpful tips on what to consider before you make your purchase.

Stick Length

Quite often, new hockey players will be unaware that the stick they need comes in different lengths. As a rule, the length of the stick will be from the floor to your hip bone, but ultimately it will come down to how comfortable you feel with your stick.

Field Hockey Stick Length Guide

Of course, it’s not just the length of stick that you have to consider, but also the weight and curve of the stick. This is something that you shouldn’t worry too much about if you’re a beginner, as you will probably try a few sticks before you find the one you like.

The most common size you will find in stores will be 36/36.5″ so if you’re looking for anything else, you’re more than likely going to have to go online.


Hockey sticks mostly come in three weights, light (L) medium (M) and heavy (H). Choosing which one is right for you will generally depend on how it feels to you. However, there are a few things to consider.

Light sticks are good for quick ball control and are generally used by strikers needing that deft touch in the D.

Medium sticks are a good all-round stick, combining power with the ability to have a better ball control. These will generally be used by midfielders who will need to combine defence and attack into their game.

Heavy sticks will probably take a bit more punishment than most and give you a lot more power on your hits. These are good for defenders, offering a robust blocking quality as well as strong hit-outs.


The curve, or bow of a stick should also play a part in your decision. Sticks with a more pronounced bow will tend to suit players who drag-flick or use aerial passing techniques, whereas a more shallow bow will give more power and control. You can get medium bow sticks if you want to utilise both of those elements of the game and these can be a good choice if you want an all round performance.

All that said, you’re probably best asking one of your team mates if they will let you have a go with theirs first to see how it feels, but in general, these variations in stick shape, length and weight are designed for different players and will give you a good starting point. 

Ultimately it’s a matter of choice and preference, no matter the cost or brand.

Joanne Pilson

Joanne Pilson is from Doncaster, England and is the Communications Officer for Worksop Ladies Hockey Club, writing original, topical content about hockey and women's sports. Joanne plays hockey, cricket and football and enjoys them with a passion, although she's only done so for the last five years. Sport has done so much to enhance her life, she continuously encourages others to take part and does all she can to promote it..