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Carla Rebecchi announces pregnancy

Back in February this year, captain and top scorer of Las Leonas, Carla Rebecchi, announced her retirement from the national team. Rebecchi made the announcement through her Twitter account when she wrote that she decided to retire after 14 years of wearing her beloved white and light blue shirt. She explained that the reason she took this decision was that she felt that she wasn’t giving 100% to the national team (an unacceptable thing for her, since she was always known for her dedication and hard work), and because she felt she had other things to try in her life.

One of the things she wanted was to start a family and in a recent post on her Instagram account she announced that she and her husband Jorge [Lombi] were expecting their first child.

Carla’s former team mates, goalkeeper Belen Succi and striker Maria Granatto also posted their congratulations on her post.

In true sporting style, Jorge, a former Argentine player, proposed to her at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. Many people joked at the time that they were like the royalty of Argentine hockey and when the couple married in December 2013 they were flanked by their families as well as their team mates.

Luciana Aymar with the bride and groom

Jorge’s time with the national squad didn’t hit the heights that the recent batch of players have. In fact, Gonzalo Peillat was only 16 when Jorge retired in 2008, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was an inspiration to the young Peillat, with Lombi also being their short corner specialist, scoring an astonishing 341 goals.

It’s great news for the couple, who have given their lives to their beloved sport that they can now think about starting a family together.

So, who knows? Maybe in a few years from now we will have a Leoncita or Leoncito breaking nets like his/her parents!

From The hockey Family we hope the baby comes with a stick under his/her arm and we wish all the happiness in the world for Carlita and Jorge.


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