Development of Hockey In Costa Rica 1

Development of Hockey In Costa Rica

This sport arose out of concern of teachers, Bernardo Picado and Pablo Araya who after being trained for the development of hockey decided to come together and put together an informal project in which children and adolescents, interested in learning about this sport, could practice at no additional cost; with the support of the Costa Rican Institute of Sports and Recreation (ICODER) whose purpose is the promotion, support and encouragement of sport in Costa Rica, the growth of the group, the interest of external parties and as they became more and more immersed in the sport this aspiration began to take shape.

In 2013, the first official project with children in the Indoor Hockey modality was founded at the Jesús Jiménez School, directed by Professor Josela Picado. The access to the institution was limited with the passing of time so we had to change its yield, complicating the continuity of some of the children and the frequency of training itself, finally the professor moved from institution and could not continue with the project leaving Bernardo Picado hile looking for another coach to lead it.

Development of Hockey In Costa Rica 2

The first time we were called National Hockey Team was in 2014 when the first Central American Indoor Hockey tournament in Costa Rica was finally completed. This was not the first step but one of the most important, since the team was about four years old, but this event was undoubtedly the basis for a greater projection. We started to feel like true athletes and to dream like them. We did not get the best results but it was historic, unique and set a precedent.

There also began a larger battle, both the coaching staff and the players decided to continue growing and for that we should seek support. As dreams grow, responsibilities do and the way to achieve them becomes narrow. At that time we were a small team, we went through notable inconveniences that did not push back our passionate leaders and players (as). Even today we carry some of the difficulties of that time, such as the limited budget, the lack of sports equipment in quantity or better conditions, the lack of a fixed place where we can perform the practices of the selected and other projects, to name a few.

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In 2015, the bronze medal was won in both men and women in the second edition of the Tournament in Honduras and by the end of 2017 the men’s team was already competing in a final in the Central American Games in Managua this time on Field Hockey modality, while women fought for the third place.

In addition we have achieved individual recognitions as the scorer of the tournament for Daniela Solano and Nohelia Mata, MVP for me Monserrat Barquero and Pablo Trejos who also gets the prize for best goalkeeper; among others. Also the goalkeeper Aldair Bejarano made his way in Argentina, when through an agreement between the Paranaense League and the Costa Rican Federation of the sport, the player was able to make the jump. We owe this recognition to the whole group because everyone as a team works hard to be better with each training.

The still president of the federation Bernardo Picado has devoted all his efforts in this project. We are currently pioneers in sports and we continue to grow. With the hockey school and the clubs the development of an ongoing process is intended, the school being the initial stage to inculcate discipline, stimulate the strengthening of muscles, develop coordination, encourage teamwork and work from an early age to manage stress in decision-making and with clubs in other parts of the country, an intermediate space is sought from which futures selected players are derived. We have achieved recognition from national authorities such as the National Olympic Committee of Costa Rica (CONCRC), the entity that directs and promotes the Olympic movement in our country, and some international support such as the Pan American Hockey Federation and the International Hockey Federation.

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In addition to the benefits obtained in health and well-being, young people can belong to the training school at no cost. For the selected process it is required to comply with certain parameters such as age, demonstrate individual and collective skills, physical work with at least four weekly training, have completed the intermediate phase, handle clashes against teams and more advanced partners, have commitment, order and discipline. The pre-selected is a large group of 45 players between men and women, another aspect that should be considered if you are looking to be selected because there is also a competition between players to keep the space or get one in call.

New goals and projects are coming, for that we have the Argentine coach Andrés Messina and high level physical trainers. Our team has been taught discipline, values, responsibilities, the main thing to have a good sports performance so The Selection aims to achieve great things in the near future.