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Germany v England: Belfius EuroHockey Nations Championships 2019

The second fixture for England in the Belfius EuroHockey nations Championships saw them take on old foes Germany. Before the game England looked very relaxed, perhaps too relaxed as a clever corner routine nearly caught them out! Fortunately for England it caught the umpire out who restarted the corner before it got going.

The Germans went to their huddle and brought the ball with them. Then one player went to the normal injection spot. She set up to inject. Meanwhile the ball was on the other side of the circle and the injector had walked around the circle to sneak in. The “standard” injector then ran out of the circle to allow the other one to take it. Some clever thinking but thwarted by the surprise being too bold!
England took advantage of the Germans being reduced to ten players when Rebecca Grote got a green card. This allowed Lily Owsley to give the reds the lead. However she soon was in the sin bin herself. England have in the last two games shown a concerning lack of discipline in the sloppy stick tackles and back chat. If England can progress to face the likes of Spain, the Netherlands or Belgium they will need to keep this in check.

The lack of discipline and penalty corners England conceded did tell in the end as Germany were able to convert, the impressive Hannah Gablac the beneficiary.

While both teams will likely feel disappointed with a draw many neutrals felt England threw it away. The group is currently very open with Ireland, Germany and England all able to qualify. England face Belarus on Wednesday, immediately followed by Ireland v Germany. The Belarus squad have conceded 23 goals in two games so goal difference could well tell for England. Time to step up and start converting corners!

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