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Review: Jazba Global Rattler Hockey Shoes

So I always like to hold onto shoes for a longer period for reviews, so that I can used them in as wide a range of weather and surface conditions as I can. So I have had these shoes for a long time and have used them in the baking hot summer on dry sand and water based pitches, in the pouring rain and in frosty winter conditions.


So I ordered the Blue and Orange colour for these shoes as I thought that it was the most striking looking. I really like the design the white strips on the blue of the shoe with a striking orange logo and laces I think look really good along with the orange laces. Obviously everyone has their own op pinion on shoes, but they come in a range colours from plain black to bright green, so you can choose the style that you like most.


These shoes are a wide fit, which is great if like me you have wide feet. At no point while wearing these shoes for several hours for coaching or game play did my feet ever feel like they were being squeezed, which is something I get from some narrower fitted shoes. Because these shoes were so comfortable they became my go too options for wearing to coaching as I would need to be on my feet for several hours plus also having to have a long drive as well, and I found that I didn’t need (or really want) to change into comfier shoes when coming off the pitch to drive home. The shoes also keep water out which helps to keep your feet dry on water based pitches but the shoes are also breathable so on hot days your feet don’t get too hot.


The shoes weigh in at 770g for a UK size 10.5 which is not a lot for a pair of shoes. They felt very light on my feet while I was running around, and never felt too bulky.


These shoes feature a slightly raised mid-sole so that the ball on the floor hits that and looses a lot of its energy before it hits your foot meaning that medium pace passes or hits are barely noticeable, the mid-sole also takes the majority of the hit from fast pace balls as well but you will definitely feel them. On the top there is a protective section that stops the ball from hitting the end of your toe, I assume this is really good for kicking as a goalkeeper but I can say that from experience. The white strips on the side of the shoe offer some protection as well for raised balls striking the side of your feet where it has missed the mid-sole but don’t expect this to be a painless experience.


The sole of the shoe is designed for multi-directional grip. This makes the shoes very good for changes of direction, for tight turns in the circle or a sharp change of direction to evade a defender. It’s also great for lateral push offs for dragflicking. I have worn these shoes on a range of different pitches and in different conditions and have found the grip to be excellent, there were a few slips when it got really icy and the pitch was freezing but I think that was to be expected of any shoe in that condition. The grip is also didn’t ware down too much in the couple months I was reviewing them.


The shoes have a wide fit as I said earlier, so I rarely found my feet leaving the the sole of the shoes anyway, but the odd few time that it did my feet were restrained by the white strips on the outside of the shoe. This meant that my foot was always well supported and stopped me from rolling my ankle or any other injury that can occur if your foot keeps going after the shoes stops. The collar and lining are also thick and padded to help hold your foot in place at the top of the shoe.


I did find that I needed to re lace the shoes as I felt the were initially too loose around the bridge of my foot. And since it’s the most common question I have been asked about shoes in the past, yes the insole is removable.


These are excellent shoes, I would probably put them at the top of the mid range or lower end of the top of the range shoe market. I do think you get a little bit more out of the top end shoes like the Gray’s AST or Adidas Lux which are slightly lighter and offer a little more grip and support, but when you take into account these shoes cost over £100 and the Jazba shoes RRP is £50 it shoes what amazing value for money they offer.


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