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Lockdown Relief: Best accounts to follow

With the lockdown having isolated the vast majority of us there is little hockey to keep us going. No EHL, no domestic play offs, no Olympics! But not all is lost. Some mighty folk online have kindly started popping up content to keep us going during this difficult time. We have a mixture of fitness, coaching and entertainment tips available for you. Here are some of the highlights:

Julie Whiting – not everyone has the benefit of a back garden. Senior Welsh international Julie is popping up content every few days to give inspiration for indoor fitness and how to utilise that trip to a field to best use. The highlight so far has to be the incredible array of resistance band exercises she whipped! Honourable mention to the use of the sofa for leg work.

(Julie and her partner after a serious leg work out)

Scorrd – a few different concepts coming out from Scorrd but one of the big ones has to be the return of the Fantasy League. A Fantasy League with no hockey going on you ask? Why yes. Now give them a follow and see what you think!

Tess Howard – While there are a million toilet roll based exercises Tess is pumping out some actual useful exercises to keep you on form and set for the new season. These are skill pieces that help you raise your game as a striker.

Nick Catlin – Brace yourselves. This is beef. Serious beef. Catlin has always been an incredibly rapid athlete with stunning hand speed. Now you can find out how by watching some of his home work outs.

Y1 Pub Quiz – now I am not sure if this is taking place now, but it has been good fun while it was on and I hope it’s not over. Chris invites on a few different Y1 players to help host a pub quiz each week. So far he’s featured quite a few heavy hitters and the quiz has been good too!

Maddie Hinch – An insight to the practices and thinking of the best in the world is rare. Seize the opportunity. Maddie is putting out a lot of content on basics, on mobility, on second phase techniques. All of which can be replicated. AND you can get your kids involved for most of these without pads, so we can have a budding new breed of keepers after this 😉

Class Hockey – Nicky Thompson, one of the best strikers the country has ever produced, is putting out useful tricks you can learn in your living room via his coaching business account. Like Tess these are game realistic skills that can really advance you.

Lidewij Welten – Now for something totally different. At home with a partner or got a sibling who’s roughly the same height? Catch a sight of the Dutch super star’s routines as she does some inventive lifts and stretches with her partner.

FHUmpires – One of the most innovative educators in our game, Keely Dunn, is putting out some great work to grow umpiring and support aspiring whistle blowers. Even if you have no interest in umpiring you’ll learn a lot as a player.

Charlotte Vega – probably the best striker in the womens Hoofdklasse of the last few years and one of the fittest too. Vega is producing a lot of content on how to work out at home, primarily with resistance bands and ankle weights. Time to get on it!

FIH and EuroHockey– these two governing bodies have brought out a few new ideas. A lot of webinars and training opportunities, plus loads of recent internationals are now available world wide free of charge.

While this goes on I’ve decided to try and post once a day on my hockey photography Instagram so feel free to have a gander.

Are there any we missed? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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