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Ukraine vs. Turkey; EuroHockey Championship II (Women)

Ukraine vs. Turkey

Pool C




I don’t see Turkey winning this, they have been poor all tournament and leak goals. I suspect that they will finish bottom of the tournament and will need a heap of goals not to. The Ukrainians are coming into this game third in Pool C fill the remaining relegation spot. The need to win by at seven to have guarantee their place in this tier of competition.

Ukraine start the stronger side, making the Turkish keeper Serpil Turker clear her lines within the first five or six minutes, but are hardly going hell for leather. The Turks are trying to pass out of defence, but are struggling to get past the half way line. With around four minutes of the quarter remaining the Turkish captain, Leyla Öztürk is green carded for a heavy tackle at right back. In the thirteenth minute, Melis Kösker spins her opposite number drives forward and plays in her team mate, who finds a Ukrainian foot in the circle. We have the first short corner of the game. They take a shot, but it’s above the backboards when it hits the keeper and Ukraine get a free hit. 0 – 0 after the first period.

Within 45 seconds of the restart, Ukraine get a penalty corner, their first of the game. It’s injected at some pace and can’t be controlled. Kateryna Samokhodchenko, who’s further back up the pitch, gets to the ball first but she’s pressed well and possession turns over. Turkey attack up the left hand side and send the ball to the back post for the opening goal. Melis Kösker makes gives Turkey the lead.

The Turks are trying to stretch the game a bit now, with one or two forwards going high. They nearly score a second goal, shortly after their first in a similar fashion down the right hand side, but it’s cut out by the Ukrainian keeper. In the seventh minute Perihan Küçükkoç spins past a defender and drives past a crowd of Ukrainians and wins a short corner. They play a little trick pass to the left and find a foot in the circle and win another short. This time a straight strike that’s lifted means that Ukraine get the ball. The Ukrainians are getting higher up the pitch, but keep giving the ball away, through bad passing, or a poor first touch and are unable to create anything meaningful.  With less then a minute left, a long ball is played up to Yulia Shevchenko. She takes a touch to move it into the circle, but is hustled off the ball far too easily and the keeper has time to clear the ball with her stick. At half time the score is Ukraine 0 – 1 Turkey, who are on course for their first win of the tournament.

Two minutes after the restart, the Turks mount an attack down the right wing, but turn over possession. In an effort to win the ball back, there’s an infringement and Kösker is shown a green card. In the sixth minute, Ukraine attack through a central channel and create an attacking overload at the edge of the circle. The ball is slipped left to Oksana Ponomarenko, but she can’t find the target. Shortly afterwards, they come back towards the Turkish defence and win a short corner. A drag flick from the first castle is strong, but straight at the keeper who reacts well and brings the ball down and the Turks move the ball out of the circle.

The Ukrainians are coming forward with greater ease now. In the ninth minute of the second half, a ball sent back across the circle hits a defensive foot and they get another penalty corner. The first castle send the ball to their right hand side for a deflection into the back post. Olha Kurovska finds the equaliser; Ukraine 1 – 1 Turkey, which is how the third quarter ends.

In the fourth quarter, Ukraine carry on their attacking intent and nearly score a couple of times within the first couple of minutes. However, they aren’t looking after the ball very well and after giving the ball away in their own half. Turkey win the ball and moved forward to create an attacking overload inside. A foul if drawn inside the circle and a penalty stroke is awarded. Ayla Esen steps up and scores, to make it Turkey 2 – 1 Ukraine.

Immediately, Ukraine go straight up the other end and get a short corner, but they can only get a 23 metre restart out of their routine. From this though, they earn a second short corner in quick succession. It’s the same routine that they scored from in the previous period and equalise again, this time the captain, Yana Vorushylo, gets the goal; Turkey 2 – 2 Ukraine.

In the seventh minute Ukraine take the lead for the first time in the game. They get a short corner yet again. The initial shot is saved and then the rebound is blocked, but the ball spills to the keeper’s right and Shevchenko pops up to tap the ball in at the back post.

Turkey are showing signs that, like in other matches, they don’t finish well and fade away towards the end. In the 12th minute, though, Perihan Küçükkoç drives into the circle and is wiped out by the defender, for a penalty stroke. Esen, who scored the earlier attempt, steps up to take. This time however she sends the ball wide and has to go down as a wasted opportunity. Ukraine make them pay. The Eastern Europeans immediately go up the other end and attack the circle. A poor clearance from the keeper gives Ukraine back possession and the tuck it away. Shevchenko gets her second of the day to give her side their fourth goal. With 15 seconds to go, a long pass that really should have been cut out finds a Ukrainian forward in the circle. The keeper has to commit to the ball carrier only for the ball to be played past her to Shevchenko to see it into an empty net for her hat-trick. The game ends with the score line of Ukraine 5 – 2 Turkey.

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