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Argentina Black Sticks Las Leonas New Zealand World Cup

World Cup: Argentina vs. New Zealand

Argentina vs. New Zealand


Match 25/Cross Over

8.15 push back

Belen succi argentine gk

In the opening two minutes the Argentinians are really testing Grace O’Hanlon in the New Zealand goal. As we enter the fourth minute Augustina Habif and Delfina Merino combine to get into the circle and Merino sends it over the bar. On six minutes Augustina Albertarrio sends another shot over the bar.

In the eighth minute, the New Zealanders send s shot across the goal, bit it rolls over the baseline for a hit out. Soon after Anita McLaren wins the ball, gives it to Olivia Merry, who plays the ball right. The ball is centred across the goal and Shiloh Gloyn just misses the connection and in the process gets a whack on the back of the head. She alright though, gets up and carries on.

The Argentine fans have not stoped singing. There are some in the East stand below the media box and another group in a pocket of the West stand and they are challenging each other on who can be the loudest. At the end of the period, I reckon that Argentina have been better, but it’s still 0 – 0.



At the start of the second quarter, the game continues to be faced paced, physical and end to end. In the third minute, the Argentinian number 10, Magdalena Fernandez shoots from a tight angle and wins a long corner. From this they make another circle entry, but it comes away from the attacker’s stick and rolls off the pitch. Argentina continue to move forward and start to dominate like they did at the start of the game, but can’t find a good enough space to score from. Nine minutes of the second period have gone by and a short corner is awarded to Las Leonas. It’s sent in by Noel Barrionuevo, but deflected for a long corner and they make another circle entry, winning yet another short corner for a foot foul. The shot is taken from the top ‘D’ and O’Hanlon is at full stretch to save it, but losses her gloves in the process and this blocks the attempt at a rebound. Barrionuevo steps up to take it. She sends it to the keepers left post at knee level and scores; 1 – 0 to the South Americans. I’m sat between Argentinean journalists in the media box and they are going mental.

New Zealand look to go at their opponents with their gun and run style, getting a couple of shots off, at angles, but without success. At half time the score is  1 – 0 on balance that’s about right.



Start of the second half Argentina are thrusting forward with speed. In the third minute Luciana von Der Heyde, of Argentina, is shown a green card. After nine minutes Augustina Albertarrio makes a great run to the left baseline and throws the ball towards goal, hitting the keepers pads, but nobody can touch in the rebound and the Kiwis clear the lines. Shortly afterwards Fernandez is shown a green card. Towards the end of the quarter NZ win a short corner, but it doesn’t reach the goal. The team from Oceana are stepping up to try and take advantage of their extra player but las Leonas hold firm. Still 1 – 0 as we enter the final quarter.



Within 15 seconds of the restart Delfina Merino absolutely whacks it at the O’Hanlon, but it’s right at her and is well saved. A minute later Martina Cavellero drives around to the right hand baseline, is knocked to the ground and it’s a short corner. Bianca Bonati sees her shot blocked with a foot and her side get to try again and then again for a third set piece in quick succession. Blocked by the first runner, but the Kiwi’s struggle to clear their lines and allow the South Americans back in. They are really struggling with the Argentine press and give away another penalty corner in the fourth minute. Julieta Jankunas receives, plays it left to the injector, who touches the ball past the keeper at her near post and Merino has a tap in to take a two goal lead.

With seven minutes remaining New Zealand remove their goalie for a kicking back. They are going for this, but it’s a risky tactic, considering the pace of the Argentine attack. With a little over four minutes remains Maria Ortiz sees a yellow card. Discipline for the Argentinians might be an issue.

Full time; Argentina 2 – 0 New Zealand.



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