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World Cup: Australia vs. Argentina

Australia 0 vs. 0 Argentina


Match 29/Quarter Final

8.15 Push Back

It’s the second quarter final of the day and the competition. The Argentine fans are back, with the same group in the West stand challenging the same group in the East stand as to who can be noisiest. I reckon the Argentina have this, but could be exposed at the back, if Australia get into them.

Australia get us underway with the push back and are trying to probe the Argentine defences with right angle passes either side of their circle. Although, both teams have been throwing attacks at each other and the match has had some pace to it, but as the first period comes to an end we have only had two shots at goal from Argentina. It’s  0 – 0 at the break.



Australia are testing the sturdiness of the Argentines with Renee Taylor thumping a ball at the top of the circle, but she can’t find the target. In the seventh minute Argentina nearly nick a goal, with a long ball played into Maria Ortiz, who looks for a deflection. It zips off her stick and goes just wide of the near post. Just before the break Florencia Habif is shown a green card. No goals as of yet and at half time the score remains 0 – 0.

Argentina start off the second half. A few more circle entries and a few more shots from both teams in the early stages of the third period, but the keepers seem relatively comfortable in dealing with the challenges put before them. In the seventh minute Kathryn Slattery receives the ball inside the circle from her left, moves her feet and stings a reverse stick shot towards Belen Succi’s goal, but the Argentine keeper is quick to get her pads up and saves it. Almost immediately, the Argentines goes up the other end, with Rocio Sanchez getting a shot off, but this is saved as well.



With a little under three minutes remaining of the third period we still haven’t had a short corner, but Argentina ask for a short corner for a stick check from the Aussies with 41 seconds left on the clock. The get it, on referral. Bianca Bonati sweeps it towards the goal, but finds a busy area and Australia get a free hit out. 0 – 0 after three quarters.

Five minutes into the final period and after a foul within the Aussie 23 metre area, Argentina work a short corner for themselves. Bonati smacks the ball into the back of the net, but the goal is disallowed, for being too high. Georgina Morgan picks the pocket of the Argentine attacker, plays a long ball to Slattery, who moves into the circle and finds a foot. This time it’s a sort corner for the Aussies, with eight minutes left of the game. Argentina hold their own and repel the set piece. This game is becoming really exciting, with either team looking to win it and having the chances to do so as well, but at full time the score is 0 – 0. We go to penalty shuffles. Five runners, who take it in turns to attack the goal, defended only by the opponents goalkeeper, starting from the 23 metre line. The attacker has eight seconds to score past the goalie. If there’s a foul, then it’s a penalty stroke that can be taken by anybody.  If it goes to sudden death, then the order of the teams and the rotation of the players change.



Brooke Perris, of Australia, goes first, but sees her shot saved by Belen Succi. Deflina Merino takes the Argentinian second and puts it through the keepers legs at the second attempt, but it doesn’t cross the line before the end of the eight seconds; NO GOAL!

Kristina Bates next drives in quickly. Scores with a reverse stick strike. Luciana von Der Heyde looks to go around Rachael Lynch and tucks it in from the tight angle. Maddy Fitzpatrick is next, but the Argentine keeper sweeps it away. Augustina Albertarrio puts Argentina in the lead. Rosie Malone scores her attempt to put it all square, but Argentina still have their fourth to take. 29 puts it in the goal, but again we are wondering about the time. It crosses the line with 0.1 second to spare.

Jodie Kenny has to score this. She rounds the keeper but has her legs taken away from underneath her and she looks hurt after thumping down hard on the ground. Karri McMahon puts the stroke away, sending Succi the wrong way. Magdalena Fernandez of Argentina has the chance to win it with the fifth shuffle, but Lynch stops her twice. The score is 3 -3 after five attempts each.


Argentina will now take the first attempt of the sudden death shuffles.Martina Cavellero is repelled by Lynch, but argentina are looking for a push by the keeper. The advice from the video umpire is that there is no reason to change the decision and there is to be no retake. Kristina Bates to win it, but her moment of glory is denied by Belen Succi.

Merino to take this one and again prevented by Rachael Lynch, but this is referred again, checking for a stick foul by the keeper. Not a penalty stroke, but a retake for Argentina, as it was not a deliberate foul. Merino has a second chance and puts it wide. Brooke Peris tsteps up. She spins the keeper and scores. The Aussies win 4 – 3 on penalties, the Argentines are distraught. The next match will be against either England, or the Netherlands.



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