World Cup: Germany vs. Argentina 1

World Cup: Germany vs. Argentina

Germany 3 vs. 2 Argentina


Pool C

6.00pm push back

Argentina, who are ranked third in the world, are playing a high press, trying to force the Germans into making errors. Germany are not having any of it though, keeping the ball well, probing left and right, looking for weaknesses in their opponents. In the fifth minute, after an attack down the right, the ball finds it’s way to Hannah Gablac, who shoots. The ball goes under the body of goalkeeper Belen Succi and into the net. The Europeans take the lead.

Shortly afterwards, Germany (ranked sixth) win a short corner, after testing the keeper again. It goes to the Succi’s right and she bats it away from the top corner of the goal. Still only 1 – 0

The Europeans, are looking positive, moving the ball around. They are constantly looking for Argentine weaknesses. The Argentine fans remain in good voice, singing songs and waving flags. Their team though are now sitting very deep, in order to cope with the German possession and the three Argentine forwards are well inside their own half. In the tenth minute Germany get another corner for a stick foul in the circle. The shot sent to the keeper’s right again, and the Argentinean is quick down to it.


World Cup: Germany vs. Argentina 2


Argentina look to come forward, after the ball is won, Magdalena Fernandez and Delfina Morino look to counter attack and make a circle entry. This leads to a period of attacking possesion for las leonas. Martina Cavalero drives to the baseline and she gets a long corner for her team, leading to a shot over the bar.

Fernandez is fouled after making a drive over the 23 metre line. Argentina are playing the ball around quickly. With a minute of the period remaining they win their first short corner of the match, but this is referred by the Germans. The video umpire says that there is no reason to change the decision and Germany lose their right to appeal. The ball is injected to Julia Gomes, who pushes towards the right post for a deflection past the keeper. Florencia Habif is the scorer. 1The score at the end of the first quarter is Germany 1 – 1 Argentina.

In the second period, we see a drive down the right hand side for the Germans. They make a circle entry, with Elisa Grave on the ball. She shots, but the Argentine keeper is quick to it… Grave pounces on the rebound, sneaks the ball under the keeper. Charlotte Stapenhorst pops up and scores into an open goal. 2 – 1.

Both teams are looking to prevent the other from scoring first, before scoring themselves, but Germany look better going forward. In the tenth minute of the second period, a great pass left to right finds Stapenhorst in space, on the right of the circle. She absolutely smacks it past the Belen Succi, for a contender for goal of the tournament.  3 – 1

Argentina’s Maria Granatto drives along left baseline and shoots. There’s a rebound shot and eventually a short for the blues. The first shot is blocked on the pen spot and the rebound is sent wide. The Germans immediately counter and fizz a cross from right to left across the goal, but without the all important connection.


World Cup: Germany vs. Argentina 3


Granatto gets on the ball again, turns and passes to Rocio Sanchez. She shoots and a great save by the keeper, who was partially blinded. Two more rebounds and Germany win a hit out, but it’s Argentina are turning the screw. A pass from their right hand side, finds an attacker on the baseline who sends it to the back post. Maria Ortiz is the scorer. At the end of the first half the score is Germany 3 – 2  Argentina.

As the game restarts, Argentina look to be more positive and get the first shot off, but it goes wide. Another circle entry forces the keeper to deflect the ball away, allowing the Argentine left winger to come in, but due to defensive pressure the shot goes wide.

In the sixth minute of the second half, Germany’s Nike Lorenz passes to Lisa Altenburg in the  attacking circle. The ball hits an Argentine foot and it’s a short corner. Nike Lorenz looks to play the ball back to the injector, but it goes out for a long corner. Germany are retaining possession, but finding it difficult to break down their opponent’s defence.

Nine minutes into the period, Julieta Jankunas forces a good save from the German keeper. Germany counter and at the other end Altenburgh tests the Argentine keeper, Belen Succi. It’s  end to end stuff, with the keepers having a good time of things.

With not long to go before the final break in the game, Anne Schroder takes one right in the face. Shortly afterwards Argentina win a short corner, then another straight afterwards. This one is deflected for a long corner. With a minute left of the period Delfina Morino gets a green card. No score in the third quarter. 3 -2 for Germany.

We’re into the final stretch here and in the fifth minute, we see some nice combination play from the Germans, who win a short corner. Lorenz shoots, but it’s saved and Argentina clear their lines before a rebound is taken.

So far Las Leonas have had most of the possession in this quarter, but Germany try to break away with a through ball for Charlotte Stapenhorst, but it’s not to be as the Argentine defenders deny her the required amount of space. The Germans start to push forward, but defences for both teams are staying strong, with angles being cut out and space being denied.

With a little over two minutes left in the game Belen Succi the Argentine keeper comes off for a kicking back. Argentina are high up the pitch with the ball, but can’t seem to find a way through the German lines. 30 seconds left the ball flash across the goal, but no connection

12 seconds are left and Argentina get a penalty corner. The Germans can’t refer, due to their earlier mistake. The keeper saves, but another corner is given for a high ball off of her. Down to the final three seconds and Argentina send forward everybody for this last set piece, but to no avail, as they run out of time. The game ends as the first half did; Germany 3 – Argentina. Nike Lorenz wins Player of the match.