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Germany South Africa World Cup

World Cup: Germany vs. South Africa

Germany 3 vs. 1 South Africa

12.00 push back

Pool C


First ‘D’ entry happens after 90 seconds, as the Germans come forward, but they are cut out by the South African defence. In the third minute a diagonal pass from the left aimed at the right post is missed by the German attacker and just goes wide

Cecile Pieper, 23, of Germany makes a lovely pass from the right into the D. The forward picks it up and tries to score by lifting over the shoulder of Phumelala Mbande, the South African goalkeeper, but the shot is cleared off the line. Germans playing well when playing wide and looking for direct pass into D.

In the eight minute the Germans attack down the right hand side and win the first short corner of the game. It is saved by the keeper, but forced off the pitch by German counter pressure and they are allowed to attack again, eventually winning a long corner. It is played deep and wide, which seems to be a tactic.

The German number 11, Kara-Lee Botes, is allowed to run straight into the D and pass square left  to Simone Gouws – the least experienced member of the squad, at 19 years of age and two caps to her name. Her shot is deflected wide of the left post.

The South Africans find enough space to make an attack into the D, but only result in a German free hit. The resulting counter attack down the German right hand side is pulled straight back within the African D and the shot is just wide of the far left post. The team in white is looking fast on the counter.

Germany attack the right hand of the D, again, force the keeper into a save, the ball rebounds into the central area, Mbande moves to block, the ball is then moved to the German right and scored into an open net; Viktoria Huse scores the opening goal of the world cup. At the end of the first 15 minutes the score is; Germany 1 – RSA – 0

In the 6th minute of second quarter there is a stick tackle against the Germans in the South African area, which means another German short corner. It is injected to the 2nd castle, switched right and pushed just passed the left post. As we enter the eighth minute, the germans quickly counter down the right hand side and again are allowed to drift inside towards the D, only being cut out on the edge of the area.

In the ninth minute the South African co-captain Nicolene Terblanche, who today was winning her 215th international cap, took a ball to the head and has to receive some treatment, after a German lift out of defence. Two minutes before the end of the half the German number 18 Lisa Altenberg is shown a green card for breaking down play.

The second half starts. In the third minute o the third quarter, Anne Schroder cuts inside from the left dribbles past four, or five African players and finds a team mate in the D. She pivots and hits the keeper with a shot. Charlotte Stapenhorst scores the rebound; Germany 2 – 0 South Africa.

As we enter the fifth minute, the Germans, who are loving attacking from wide areas, come down the right and have another couple of shots, the second coming from another rebound from the pads of Mbande and goes just over the bar. South Africa still haven’t had a shot on goal.

After defending a German attack the team in green are pressured to walk the ball off the back line. Erin Hunter has to go off for an injury to her finger. Germans are very keen to win the ball back u high areas, immediately after losing the ball.

Eventually, the Green Machine win a short corner after Viktoria Huse kicks the ball in her own ‘D’. It went for the first castle and straight strike at goal. It went high but deflected low by Lisa-Marie Deetlefs. It was referred upstairs for whether the ball had crossed the line at the top of the ‘D’ and whether or not it had entered below the level of the backboard. There was an element of suspense in the air, as we waited for the video umpire to get back to us in the stands. The goal stood, and the South Africans kept their referral; German 2 – 1 South Africa.

The German captain, Janne Muller-Wieland makes a great run across the D, evading tackles left, right and centre, making a reverse hit shot forcing the Mbande palm the shot over the bar. In the13th minute the Stapenhorst cuts in left to and passes to Jana Teschke, who evades a tackle and unleashes a lifted shot that is forced wide by the RSA keeper. The Germans are moving forward almost at will. Just before the hooter, the South African number 12, Dirkie Chamberlain, and 28, Quanita Bobbs, combine well to move the ball up their right and side but the final pass drifts over the baseline by the corner flag.

Within 30 seconds of fourth quarter remaining Germany get a short corner, but is referred by the defence, claiming a German foot, before the stick tackle.It’s upheld and the South Africans get a free hit out. The Germans are really trying to turn the screw on the South Africans, attacking both baselines and having a shot from the top of the D. The South African keeper is having a stormer and makes a save with her right foot and goes out to stop an attack long the right baseline.

In the ninth minute, the Germans play a ball into Altenburg, who lands on the turf as she shoots and the ball is kicked away by the keeper. Initially, the umpire gave a free hit for a South Africa, as the ball hit the German’s foot, whilst she was on the floor, but it was referred and the video umpire gave a penalty stroke for a foul. Viktoria Huse steps up and converts to make it give her side a two goal advantage.

With four minutes remaining of the final quarter South Africa attack down the right ends as the ball is lifted in Nike Lorenz. She goes off holding her mouth. In the 12th minute, another attacker down the German right, flashes across the D from the baseline, the resulting shot is swept just wide, by the attacker, who found herself in plenty of space. A minute later the Green Machine get another short corner. This is blocked by the first runner , who releases Amelie Wortmann with a through ball. The number 3 then runs through he centre of the pitch, passes to Elisa Grave on the right of the D, who’s shot flashes across the goal and goes wide of the left post. Another quick counter attack for the Germans. This happens to be the last action of interest of the match and the game finishes Germany 3 – 1 South Africa.

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