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Germany Spain World Cup

World Cup: Spain vs. Germany

Spain vs. German


Pool C

12.00 push back

The players are ready and the fans are in the ground and off we go. A little over a minute has been played and it’s a short corner for Spain. The shot is sent towards the keepers right, but Julia Ciupka is a blue to kick it away. Germany counter attack quickly and get to the Spanish baseline, but the cut back is intercepted.

Inside the fifth minute, there is a foot in the Spanish circle and a short corner for Germany. Captain Janne Muller-Wieland is stood at the first castle on the left. She plays it back to her team mate at the back post, who scores. Anne Schroder makes it one nil, flicking it into the roof of the net after the Red Sticks keeper, Maria Ruiz, goes to ground. Spain are playing a high press, trying to win the turnovers in attacking spaces, but are being let down by the technique of their forwards. At the end of the first quarter the score is Spain 0 – 1 Germany.



Both teams are looking cagey, probing each other, looking for spaces. They are taking it in turns to stretch the other’s defence, but can’t seem to find that final incision. With 16 seconds of the game remaining, Spain win a short corner after playing the ball off of a German defenders body. The ball is swept towards goal and deflects up off of a stick. Then with an overhead smash the shot is sent into the back of the net. The umpire makes a referral for herself to check if any rules have been infringed upon, but the video umpire upholds her initial decision and the goal is given. Carmen Cano is the goal scorer. At the end of the first half the score is 1 – 1.



Second half starts. In the fourth minute, Spain get a short corner, after a foul during an attacking move. It’s saved again and Germany look to break, but Spain manage to get enough numbers back in time to repel the move. Two minutes later Germany get a short corner for a stick tackle in the circle. A fierce drag flick from Nike Lorenz sees a strong left pad save from the Maria Ruiz, picking it out of her top right corner.

In to the seventh minute of the third period, Spain get a green card and in this time Germany get their second short corner of the game. Fortunately for the Spanish, dies Danas are unable to fully capitalise at this point. Shortly afterwards, however, a centred pass is missed by both the Spanish keeper and her defender and Hannah Gablac pops up at the back post for an easy tap in.

Spain 1 – 2 Germany.



Lisa Altenburg picks the ball up in the circle she wins a short corner for her team, in ninth minute. A Spanish defender  is sent to the half way line after breaking too early. Germany retake the corner and score into the post that was vacated. 2522 year old Viktoria Huse pushes the ball towards her right and touched in by Marie Mavers, to take a two goal advantage.

Charlotte Stapenhorst is really trying to drive her team forward in this game, she could be one of the stars of this tournament. Germany have had the better chances in this fourth period, but are struggling to test the Spanish keeper.

As the clock ticks over, Begona Garcia spins and shoots, but plays the ball to the outside of the left post. It’s the best chance that Spain have had for a while. With four minutes remaining, Altenburg wins the ball and drives forward. Germany are now in a two vs one situation with the Spanish defender. She plays it to Gablac, who swings, but misses the ball. The Germans come forward again and with 90 seconds left of the match get another couple of shots off, but the Maria Ruiz deals with them. The game finishes 3 – 1 to Germany, who finish top of Pool C.

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